Europe’s Fastest Mobility Hack

22 – 26 June 2020

What is hackatrain

Five years ago, Hackatrain launched what is now regarded as one of the most unique hackathons in the world. Starting on a train in Amsterdam, continuing at an unusual venue after our arrival in Berlin and ending at Europe’s coolest technology festival Tech Open Air (TOA).
The now legendary Hackatrain attracts developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, all hoping to strike it big, hackathon-style.

This isn’t your typical hackathon. Say goodbye to boring venues and hello to travelling around with more than 100 fellow hackers competing across mobility challenges for cool prizes. Are you ready for Europe’s Fastest Mobility Hack?

Here’s a recap of Hackatrain 2019



Tech Open Air – Berlin

Hackatrain is a proud community partner of TOA Berlin, organized by Tech Open GmbH. For the fifth year we are bringing over a community existing of the best young tech talent of The Netherlands.

A HUGE shout out to our 2019 partners!

  • "Hackatrain connected us in an original manner to Young Professionals during a special trip to Berlin. The organization has put in a great deal of energy and commitment that led to a unforgettable event."

    Rutger Hamelynck Head of Brand Management, Dutch Railways
  • "What struck me the most about Hackatrain, was the awesome mix of nerds, designers and entrepreneurs, all in one single carriage and working on various ideas."

    René van den Berg, Hackatrain participant
  • "Hackatrain created a structure and process around idea development. Companies should use these intense brainstorming and development sessions to stir up new ideas on everything from culture change to supply chain management!"

    Elisabella Hu Large Customer Marketing, Google

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22 – 26 June 2020